About Travel Baseball Team Classification

Swagger travel teams compete in sanctioned tournaments, most directed by NorCal Travel Baseball (NCTB), or USSSA-affiliated tournament directors.  The team classification guideline are consistent with that of USSSA, the largest amateur sports governing body in the country.

USSSA classifies each team at a level that best matches its competitiveness, taking into account won-lost record, and strength of competition.  Sanctioned tournaments tend to place teams with the same classification in the same bracket, in an attempt to equalize competition for the best player experience.  The classes are:

  • AA: Beginning Level Teams, about 60% of the teams.  Small-market teams with players from one or a few towns; teams with near or below .500 records; teams with roughly even or negative run differential; teams that probably have not won a tournament, and play mostly local tournaments.
  • AAA: Middle Level Teams, 25-30% of the teams.  Mid-market teams possible pulling players from more than one city, or Academy teams; teams that have played together for a while; teams with over .667 records vs. AA teams; teams with .500 records vs. other AAA teams; teams that may have won a tournament or dominated the competition at the AA level.
  • Majors:  Experienced teams, the top 10-15%.  High-market teams that may pull from a large area; teams that seek out the best competition and play at an elite level; teams that have won AAA or Open tournaments and have better than .667 records vs. AAA and AA competition.

Teams self-classify at the time they register for the season. They are then re-evaluated periodically to determine the proper class at that time.  A team that performs exceptionally well or wins a tournament may be promoted up; conversely a team that performs poorly may be bumped down.