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About Us

Swagger Athletics was founded in 2009 by former pro baseball players, with the goal of developing young athletes into solid individuals. The program provides players the necessary lessons early for long term success in their athletic and personal pursuits. Through key strategic partnerships Swagger prepares athletes through physical and agility workouts, skill-level-appropriate games (tournaments and scrimmages), and position-specific lessons.


Our Program

Swagger Travel Baseball applies a holistic athlete development model.  The program prepares the athletes through physical wellness, gametime EQ/IQ, and progressive skill elevation. The program is perfect for individuals, and their respective families, who are committed to this long term process and are looking to be the best athlete and human being that they can be. In addition, the program prepares the whole family for the competitive baseball lifestyle, inside understanding of recruiting for high school and college level, and how to conduct oneself in the recruiting process.


Our Teams

Our youth teams focus on player development first and foremost, with an eye towards competing at the next level, to the best of each player's ability.  Swagger achieves this through physical readiness, agility work and infield technique indoors and quality repetitions. Lastly, the teams play at local and regional tournaments and games appropriate to their level so that coaches can provide active-coaching during gametime situations.

Our Social Media

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